Where are our Hearts?

Vol. 24 No. 3 | 4/8/2016
Where are our Hearts? I feel I am to tell a true story, and then…… Many years ago—and you have to be old to be able to say “many years ago”—we were leading worship in a mid-sized church.  To many of you it would be small, but for a small church it would be considered something to attain to.  Anyway, the church was growing.  We had three services on Sundays, including Sunday evening, and would soon be talking about a 4th Sunday service.  I can’t remember who started attending this church first, us OR this other couple.  But really it doesn’t matter a hill of beans to this story.    This couple, we’ll call them the “Smiths,” was seeking God for direction regarding their place in the church and God’s plans for their lives.   AND God seemed to keep drawing them to the old school bus in the back of the lot.  They would inquire about it, and people would discourage them.  “Oh that bus hasn’t run in years,” or “the last time it was out, it broke down.”  They kept praying thinking that they must be missing God ... Read More

Vol. 24 No. 2

Where is the Vision | 2/25/2016
Where is the Vision??? God is working, but not the way I would do it.  (LOL)  Have you ever found yourself in that boat?  We have had septic problems off and on almost since we moved into this house.  The first year, we didn’t have a lot of rain, so it only occurred maybe twice that year and we would think that something else was causing the problem.  But this last year we have had an over-abundance of rain.  The first thing we did was have the Septic pumped last spring.  We didn’t have any problems for a while and then, with the fall (latter?) rains, the problems were back.  Really, the last 4-6 months have been incredibly rainy (7 inches in one day during Christmas).  We can say that we are grateful that it doesn’t back up into the house, but the toilet does not flush properly.  (No more details than that!)  We have gone LONG periods of time (eleven days at Christmas) with this problem.  SO we have been told a new whole NEW SEPTIC system is in order.  Because of the lay of the land, we will have to have a pump system (which is more expensive than a regular septic system) so that the drain field ... Read More

Vol. 24 No. 1

January 2016 Boy that was sobering – typing 2016…..WOW just so hard to believe.   For months and months I have struggled writing this newsletter.  Yesterday at church I got a confirmation to go ahead and do it.  Most of us want with all of our hearts to be pleasing to the Lord.  We do not want to walk by the law.  I believe we want to know HIS heart.  Living by the law is death, but living by HIS Spirit is life (Romans 8:2).  Some just KNOW that if we would live our lives loving God with all of our hearts and loving others as ourselves, we have it sewed up.  That is such a truth, but some of us don’t have the full picture of what that means.  We need it broken down and made plain.  Personally, I know that the Ten Commandments are summarized in the two love commandments (John 13:34), but does everyone understand that?  Last week at church in our study time we had a visitor that asked “the question” that all of us would like to avoid.  Not because we don’t have an understanding of God’s Word, but answering it in straight truth without trying to express HIS love ... Read More

Vol. 23 No. 12

The Joseph Diaries | 11/29/2015
Our prayer, as you read this fictional account of a factual event, is that it encourages you to be willing to step-up, and step-out, even when there seems to be no natural logic, and let God do those things that seem impossible to you. With God all things are possible. According to your Word, Lord, let it be done to us. We pray you have a wonderful  CHRIST-MAS. 2 Av  Dear Diary,       I saw her today! Not just any her, THE HER! This is the one, I just know it. She was so beautiful. Hair like a raven. Eyes that said “You can have no secrets from me!”  And yet, a quiet and gentle spirit that made me tingle down to my toes. She came into the carpenter shop with one of her brothers, and my heart simply stopped. I couldn’t speak! I could barely stand up. When they ordered a cabinet, all I could do was blabber like an idiot. I felt like such a fool! I’ve got to be twice her age. So I’m an old fool, too! I must find out more about her. 7 Av Dear Diary,      Her name is Mary. I could say it over and over again. Mary. Mary. Mary will you marry me, Mary? I will make you merry ... Read More

Vol. 23 No. 10

October, 2015 | 9/28/2015
  Are Things As They Appear??? I want to start off with a story that our pastor told us years ago.  He had a family in his church that was struggling financially.  I can’t remember if the husband lost his job or???  But, they were having a really rough time.  Several of the brothers and sisters in the church started helping this family.  They would do secret grocery deliveries;   pay their light bills anonymously, etc.  It wasn’t a “discussion” in the church about this family it was just a fact – everyone loved helping this family until one day….  One Friday another family went out to dinner at one of the nicest restaurants in town.  It was their Anniversary otherwise they would have never sprung for such a treat.  But when they walked in – guess who else was having dinner there?   In fact they were just finishing their dinner with a luscious desert.  Yep – it was the couple whose light bill they had just paid!  They were furious!  In fact they just almost got up and left because they had done so much for this family and they were blowing ... Read More

Vol. 23 No. 8

7/27/2015 | Comments: 1
Truthfully, this is going to be a very hard newsletter to write.  It is something that I have had in the back of my mind, but haven’t wanted to deal with.  It is because it steps on my toes and it steps on my toes HARD.  My first question to you is: do you believe that we are somewhere nearing or in the end times?  Most of us do.  We are seeing so much going down so fast, I could see the possibility of us being on earth when Jesus returns.  So saying that—let’s examine the possibility that we will be here through some or all of the tribulation.  Here is the scripture that has been sticking with me.   It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads,  so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.  (Revelation 13: 16-17 God’s Word Translation)  We know of lots of people who are stock piling food, guns, ammo, water, paper products, money, etc...  There are many different reasons, but one is to be prepared for such a time where we can’t ... Read More

Vol. 23 No. 7

Is the Apostasy Here? | 7/13/2015
Is the ‘Apostasy’ here? Now, friends, read these next words carefully. Slow down and don't go jumping to conclusions regarding the day when our Master, Jesus Christ, will come back and we assemble to welcome him. Don't let anyone shake you up or get you excited over some breathless report or rumored letter from me that the day of the Master's arrival has come and gone. Don't fall for any line like that. Before that day comes, a couple of things have to happen. First, the Apostasy. Second, the debut of the Anarchist, a real dog of Satan. He'll defy and then take over every so-called god or altar. Having cleared away the opposition, he'll then set himself up in God's Temple as "God Almighty." (2 Thessalonians 2:1-4 The Message) Is the ‘Apostasy’ here?  The word that is translated as ‘Apostasy’ in the above verse, taken from The Message’ is the Greek word, Apostasia, which means “A defection from the Truth.”  The feminine form of that same word,  Apostasion, is generally translated as “divorce.” In order to determine what it is from which we are defecting, ... Read More

Vol. 23 No. 6

The Cost of Unity | 6/9/2015 | Comments: 1
Volume 23 No 6 June 2015   Last month we prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed and just didn’t have anything for a newsletter – so we chose not to send anything.  But this month – well we could make up for it.  LOL  The Cost of Unity I could start this from almost the beginning of our walk with the Lord, but I am going to spare you.  We NEVER grasped the division in Christians.  My uncle who was a pastor one time told me, “If you go to a church outside our denomination, you might as well not go to church!”  Yes, he was very serious.  In the mid 80’s we started a Christian newspaper in State College, PA.  We felt God had said to start it so that there would be a place for churches to share information about their special events and Christians would be able to take advantage of them.  Example: A Christian film or perhaps a special speaker.  E A S Y ! !  Whoa – hold your horses!!! WRONG!!  We were so na├»ve, and had rose-colored glasses on.   We didn’t know that there were so many things to be upset ... Read More

Vol. 23 No. 4

What is it worth to you to further the Gospel? | 3/30/2015 | Comments: 2
What is it worth to you to further the Gospel? As I sit here to write this newsletter, I don’t even know how to write what I am feeling.  Right now I feel so desperate that I have cried.  I am so angry I could scream which I haven’t.  At the same time I am ready to sell everything AGAIN and “GO,” but truthfully Les and I can’t keep up a full travel schedule anymore.  This boat load of emotions does not have anything to do with us. ( But truthfully – His Resting Place is in a “holding pattern.”  We have the funds to bless our guests with food, rest, and on occasion, a meal out or a special event.  But mostly we wait to be able to expand the property.)  But as we wait……..we have an urgency.     Our spirits are crying out that the time is drawing near.  Christians in other parts of the world are facing persecution unlike anything we have seen in our generation.  Now we are seeing a real shift in the persecution that Christians in America are going to face.  It is with this urgency that we need to warn others just like John the Baptist did—an urgency ... Read More

Vol. 23 No. 3

Community | 2/25/2015 | Comments: 1
Community Long, long ago in a land far, far away there was a couple who read Acts chapter 4 and wondered; “Why, do we not see a functioning ‘community’ in the church?”  They researched, read books, and had this desire to see a community functioning, but could find it anywhere except in the book of Acts.  When the apostles had finished praying, their meeting place shook. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak the word of God boldly.  The whole group of believers lived in harmony. No one called any of his possessions his own. Instead, they shared everything.  With great power the apostles continued to testify that the Lord Jesus had come back to life. God's abundant good will was with all of them.  None of them needed anything. From time to time, people sold land or houses and brought the money to the apostles. Then the money was distributed to anyone who needed it.  (Acts 4:31-35 God’s Word) This couple was looking for a Church where there is a common ground, and if one person has a need, then others step up and help.  The land started in State College, PA and then they moved to ... Read More