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What is it worth to you to further the Gospel? | 3/30/2015 | Comments: 2

What is it worth to you to further the Gospel?

As I sit here to write this newsletter, I don’t even know how to write what I am feeling.  Right now I feel so desperate that I have cried.  I am so angry I could scream which I haven’t.  At the same time I am ready to sell everything AGAIN and “GO,” but truthfully Les and I can’t keep up a full travel schedule anymore.  This boat load of emotions does not have anything to do with us. ( But truthfully – His Resting Place is in a “holding pattern.”  We have the funds to bless our guests with food, rest, and on occasion, a meal out or a special event.  But mostly we wait to be able to expand the property.)  But as we wait……..we have an urgency.    

Our spirits are crying out that the time is drawing near.  Christians in other parts of the world are facing persecution unlike anything we have seen in our generation.  Now we are seeing a real shift in the persecution that Christians in America are going to face.  It is with this urgency that we need to warn others just like John the Baptist did—an urgency to get out of our “bless me, Lord” attitudes, and start interceding for others—an urgency for us as believers to SUPPORT ministers and ministries to GO to the places we will not go, or cannot go.   Please forgive me for this passionate appeal, but truly this is NOT about LPM or HRP.  It is about the ministers I personally know and the ones I don’t know that are finding themselves without prayer support and without financial support.  Who will stand in the gap for these that are willing to go to the frontlines?  How about you?

We are going to share a couple of stories we know to be true that, in our hearts, are bringing us to our knees. 

  • There is a couple who are volunteer Chaplains at one of the North Carolina prisons.They have been there for years.The prison recently closed and moved all of the inmates to another prison about an hour away.What did these Chaplains do?They committed to that drive.Both, at this time, are facing a lot of health issues.With health issues, come financial challenges as well.Also, with the prison now in another county, will the local churches still support this chaplaincy?Their hearts’ cry is for the Lord to let them be the under-shepherds for this flock behind the prison wall.
  • There is a minister/pastor/missionary that right now is in the midst of severe health issues.Both he and his wife have given up family celebrations in order to “go.”They have sold stuff in order to “go.”They have worked hard to have funds to “go.”It seemed that Satan’s attack increased when the diagnoses of Cancer was declared over the man.After his surgery, chemo and radiation treatments, he went back to the field.Then another knock came against their lives, then another knock, and presently he is trying to recover from surgery to repair a broken neck.Both of these warriors are battle worn.They need healing.But still - their hearts are crying before the Lord, “where do you want us to serve?”
  • Then there are two ministries that work together in the way that God calls us to be unified.They go to prisons together then they work at the recovery house together.Their cries have been “God, we will do whatever it takes.”Truly they gave up the right to “have,” but instead ask God for the ability to GIVE—give help to those who need help—give food to those who need food—give love to those whom others will not love.Right now both ministries are in crisis.Will they have to funds to GO to the next ministry?Will they have the funds to keep from having to shut down the Recovery House?Lord, hear their cry to be your vessels and give YOU to others.
  • Then there is another couple we know who are newly married.Both are ministers—both have been on the mission field in extensive, extraordinary ways.God put together a team that would be stronger than either one’s ministry had ever been.Because one was not born in the U.S., there were visas to obtain, and reams of paperwork to fill out.They went through the proper channels and filed everything of which that they were told.Got all the paperwork and found they had been given the wrong status.The visa did NOT allow travel in and out of the country.They filed for a correction and now they wait.Also in the meantime, their financial support dried up.Now they wait—now the one spouse is facing traveling without the other spouse.They hunger to go and minister in the way that God has called them to minister—TOGETHER!!They seek God to please make the crooked ways straight.

When I talk to other Christians about situations like these or even other situations of which I am aware, their eyes glaze over.  Most really don’t seem to care.  Recently, we had several community meetings where a missionary attended.  Really, she was here to rest and in America to build support so she could go back to the mission field.  When the minister that was speaking mentioned the young missionary’s needs, the glazed look came over most people’s faces.  It is kind of like a deer in headlights—it can’t run, but it sure isn’t going to move backwards or forward.  We have become so “me-centered” that a lot of us don’t care about our brothers and sisters in the Lord or if others hear about God’s desire to bring them in the family. 

I have heard it said that God must not want these people in ministry or HE would remove the obstacles.  We find that in Daniel 10: 12-13 that Gabriel had been delayed for 21 days because of the warfare.  I feel these ministers and others are under great attack.  I KNOW I am preaching to those who do care about seeing the gospel go forth.  I am really venting to people who love Les and I.  I KNOW that many of you have made sacrifices to allow the Gospel to go forth.  And I know the sacrifices that these ministries have made in order for the Gospel to go forth.  I believe that God has chosen these ministries because they will not allow obstacles to get in the way of the Gospel. 

What I’m asking you to do is to pray daily for the next 30 days specifically for the ministries listed below and any others you know about.  Please pray for a financial breakthrough, healthy and whole bodies and for open and effectual doors for the Gospel.  (1st Corinthians 16:9).  Pray for rest for the weary and clear direction. 

Please pray for:

F R E E D O M   T O   G O   W H E R E    G O D    O P E N S   T H E   D O O R ! ! !


Abundant Joy Ministries

Elva Soltys

Galen and Vada Scott

God’s Dwelling Place

His Resting Place

James Michael Evans

Jimmy Coley Life Ministries

Living Praise Ministries

Project 7th Trumpet/Ken Soltys Ministries

Restoration House Ministries

Set Free Women’s House

The Father’s Heart Ministries

Thank you so much!!!     

P.S. Please add the ministry volunteers of Kirkland Correctional Institution in South Carolina.  We were able to minister there last night and they shared that a lot of their volunteers were under various attacks from the enemy.

F R E E D O M   T O   G O   W H E R E    G O D    O P E N S   T H E   D O O R ! ! !




Perry   3/31/2015

what a beautiful loving heart!

Susan   3/31/2015

My prayers are with all, For Gods Grace! That he may lift up the health of all so they can be the servants he's called them to be! And for the finances that all needs are met! In your precious name Lord AMEN

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