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7/27/2015 | Comments: 1

Truthfully, this is going to be a very hard newsletter to write.  It is something that I have had in the back of my mind, but haven’t wanted to deal with.  It is because it steps on my toes and it steps on my toes HARD.  My first question to you is: do you believe that we are somewhere nearing or in the end times?  Most of us do.  We are seeing so much going down so fast, I could see the possibility of us being on earth when Jesus returns.  So saying that—let’s examine the possibility that we will be here through some or all of the tribulation.  Here is the scripture that has been sticking with me. 

 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads,  so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.  (Revelation 13: 16-17 God’s Word Translation) 

We know of lots of people who are stock piling food, guns, ammo, water, paper products, money, etc...  There are many different reasons, but one is to be prepared for such a time where we can’t buy or sell without “the mark.”  But have we thought of our prescription meds?  Doctors are not going to give you a year’s supply of drugs (or more).  I have all kind of stuff running through my head about this.  My doctor gives me a 3 to 6 months’ supply, and that is it.  There are a couple of things I want to focus on. 

First – I am a Diabetic, so I am going to confess my sin.  I was diagnosed 5 years ago.  I am still on oral drugs and not insulin, but I just went to the doctor and they had a very long talk with me about my levels.  I am headed for insulin very fast.  I really couldn’t defend myself because I have not been doing what I know I should be doing.  I have been out of control for a while and seriously out of control for about a year and a half.  Little by little I have just quit trying.  For me—I am living in sin daily.  I know IF I will change my eating habits, lose weight, and exercise I could turn this around.   I have those around me that help by encouraging me to “go ahead and have just one piece of cake.”  They are called enablers.  J  BUT my sin is my own—I know what I need to do, but I do not.  I am not preparing as I should. 

Second—I have friends and family that are on prescription pain killers, antidepressants, and other mind desensitizing drugs.  As I said, I just went to the doctor.  The first two questions that they asked were: “Are you in pain?”  “Have you been depressed?”   Being that my Mom died 8 months ago and I am in the year of “firsts,” I am sure I could have played that hand and they would have given me something so I don’t feel.  But, that was a side note!  My point is we are in a time that we take a pill and it is supposed to fix everything.  I have friends and family that have been getting these drugs for years for depression, fibromyalgia, and for real and legitimate pain.  It is more common for the medical industry to write a script than to encourage alternative treatments.  Just like I am addicted to relieving my pain & stresses of life with food, they relieve their pain and depression with a pill.   But see that is the trap. 

There are two things that are happening:  we like being able to take a pill to fix!  It is so much easier than diet, exercise, weight loss for those like me who are dependent on a pill or two to lower our blood sugar to a safe range. 

It is also much easier to take a pill for pain and/or depression than to go and get physical therapy for pain.  A Christian Massage Therapist could also help.  Walking, water aerobics, etc. could help.   Maybe Christian Counseling for the depression would help and so does exercise.  I don’t have the answers—but I do have questions. 

The way healthcare is being set up in our country—the question that I believe the Lord is putting in my spirit is “Are you putting yourself in the position where, IF a mark is required to get meds, you will feel you have to take it?”   Soon your medical records will be national.  No more getting meds from this doctor or this pharmacy and then getting different meds from a different one.  We are headed for one centralized medical care.  I know my family and friends are in true pain and despair and may think a script is the only way.  But what non-diabetics do not know is you feel awful as your blood sugar goes up.  You may do it to yourself, but you still feel terrible.  What you crave kills you.  We could also be talking about Cholesterol meds, Blood Pressure meds, or????

Please pray for me as I am tackling this issue once again in my life.  I need to be able to get beyond the fatigue—for the exercise, the cravings, for the foods that will be fuel for my body—and doing both will take care of my weight issue.  As I have withdrawal from starches and sweets I have to face the nausea and aches as my body reacts to not having what it wants,  and it wants it now.   At this point in time, my body is not prepared to stand against “the mark.” 

Don’t you know that your body is a temple that belongs to the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit, whom you received from God, lives in you. You don’t belong to yourselves. You were bought for a price. So bring glory to God in the way you use your body. (1 Corinthians 6:19-20 GOD’S WORD Translation)

 So—I guess I will leave you with the question,  Are you preparing your body to HAVE to take the mark, or are you preparing your body to stand strong in the Lord?


In His Love!!!     

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Aunt Bess   7/27/2015

That took courage to write. I will Pray that the Lord give you the extra will power you need.

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