Vol. 23 No. 12

The Joseph Diaries | 11/29/2015

Our prayer, as you read this fictional account of a factual event, is that it encourages you to be willing to step-up, and step-out, even when there seems to be no natural logic, and let God do those things that seem impossible to you. With God all things are possible. According to your Word, Lord, let it be done to us. We pray you have a wonderful  CHRIST-MAS.

2 Av 

Dear Diary,

      I saw her today! Not just any her, THE HER! This is the one, I just know it. She was so beautiful. Hair like a raven. Eyes that said “You can have no secrets from me!”

 And yet, a quiet and gentle spirit that made me tingle down to my toes. She came into the carpenter shop with one of her brothers, and my heart simply stopped. I couldn’t speak! I could barely stand up. When they ordered a cabinet, all I could do was blabber like an idiot. I felt like such a fool! I’ve got to be twice her age. So I’m an old fool, too! I must find out more about her.

7 Av

Dear Diary,

     Her name is Mary. I could say it over and over again. Mary. Mary. Mary will you marry me, Mary? I will make you merry if you will marry me, Mary.

26 Av

Dear Diary,

     I talked to her father today. My heart was beating so fast, I thought it would come out of my chest. Would you believe it? We signed a contract. Next week will be the Kiddushin (Betrothal ceremony). I can’t believe my good fortune. Truly I am most blessed among men.

2 Elul

Dear Diary,

     Tomorrow is the Kiddushin. I am so excited. Even though it will be yet a year before we can be married, tomorrow I claim my bride—my beautiful Mary. O G_d in heaven, bless us!

 3 Elul

Dear Diary,

     The Kiddushin was so beautiful. When the Rabbi pronounced the birkat erusin (betrothal blessing), I could feel our two spirits become intertwined as one. “Blessed are you, O G_d, King of the Universe, Who has made us holy by Your commandments and has commanded us regarding marriages which are forbidden: Who has forbidden to us those that are betrothed, but has allowed us those that are wedded to us by the rite of the wedding canopy and the sacred covenant of marriage. Blessed are You, O Lord, Who sanctifies Thy people Israel by the rite of the wedding canopy and the sacred covenant of marriage.” Even though we are not yet permitted to live together, I know my Mary is mine and I am hers.

 18 Nissan

Dear Diary,

     I am strangely troubled. In less than 5 months my Mary and I are due to be married, and yet she seems so distant; so preoccupied. Could I have done something to offend her? Could she have had a change of heart?



20 Nissan

Dear Diary,

Today Mary left to visit her cousin Elizabeth. She was very mysterious and secretive. I don’t understand. O G_d, help me to understand. She expresses her love for me, and at the same time she seems to feel that we need to be apart. I’m so confused !

 22 Tamuz

Dear Diary,

     This is the worst day of my life. I was so looking forward to Mary’s return, but when I saw her, I was horrified. My little Mary is with child ! How can this be? There can be but one explanation. She has been unfaithful. And yet if I accuse her of adultery, she will be stoned. If I say nothing, my reputation, my character, my standing in the community will be forever ruined. Oh what can I do? Why is this happening? I will sleep on it, but tomorrow I believe I will have to quietly give her a certificate of divorce. It’s the only way…

 23 Tamuz

Dear Diary,

     What a wonderful dream I had last night. In my dream an angel appeared before me. He told me that Mary was pregnant with the Messiah, the Son of God ! Can you imagine that. He instructed me to name the child Yeshua (JHWH Saves). He said the child will save His people from their sins. I can’t wait to talk to Mary. How wrong I was to doubt her faithfulness to me.

10 Tishrei

Dear Diary,

     It is so hard. The people are so cruel. I don’t mind their stares and their snide remarks about me, but I can tell that it hurts Mary so deeply. And if that weren’t bad enough, some of her own family actually shun her. If only they knew…

 13 Tivet

Dear Diary,

     What are they thinking? The Roman government has demanded that we go to the city of my birth to be registered. This is so crazy. I’ll be away from the shop for at least two weeks. No furniture will be made. We will earn no money. And it is so close to the time for the Little One to be born. There MUST be another way. G_d, He is YOUR Son. Can’t He be born here in Nazareth?

 24 Tivet

Dear Diary,

     I am completely and utterly overwhelmed. Things could not have looked worse. A three-day journey through treacherous countryside; Mary, looking like she could give birth any minute—yet never complaining; finally reaching Bethlehem only to be told that there are no rooms to be had. Here we were, bone-tired, 9 months pregnant, and forced to spend the night in a STABLE—a barn, of all places. Then the baby began to come. I was almost out of my mind. Could our circumstances be any worse? And then suddenly He was in the middle of our circumstances. It was almost as though He said, “I’m here now. I will make everything right.” And you know what? He did. Before I knew it, there were people coming to see us—to see HIM! Shepherd boys, townsfolk. I actually thought I could hear angels singing. What a glorious night it was. From the depths of despair to the heights of ecstasy in a single moment.


For unto us a child is born; unto us a son is given… And his name shall be called wonderful counselor, the mighty god, the everlasting father, the prince of peace.


In His Love!!!     


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