Vol. 24 No. 2

Where is the Vision | 2/25/2016

Where is the Vision???

God is working, but not the way I would do it.  (LOL)  Have you ever found yourself in that boat?  We have had septic problems off and on almost since we moved into this house.  The first year, we didn’t have a lot of rain, so it only occurred maybe twice that year and we would think that something else was causing the problem.  But this last year we have had an over-abundance of rain.  The first thing we did was have the Septic pumped last spring.  We didn’t have any problems for a while and then, with the fall (latter?) rains, the problems were back.  Really, the last 4-6 months have been incredibly rainy (7 inches in one day during Christmas).  We can say that we are grateful that it doesn’t back up into the house, but the toilet does not flush properly.  (No more details than that!)  We have gone LONG periods of time (eleven days at Christmas) with this problem. 

SO we have been told a new whole NEW SEPTIC system is in order.  Because of the lay of the land, we will have to have a pump system (which is more expensive than a regular septic system) so that the drain field can be located on the high ground.  We have the permit, have the quotes, and have picked-out the person to do it.  Now we are waiting for everything to fall into place.

 So as we are working through a really big PROBLEM that has just about paralyzed His Resting Place, it could seem like everything is being shut down.  How can you bring guests in and tell them that the toilet may not flush?  Or we could always say you are welcome to stay as long as it doesn’t rain.  LOL

But let me throw a couple of lights on in this situation.  As you know, our plans are to also have dwellings outside the house in which people can stay (RVs, Campers or Park Model Trailers).  Having this whole new system put in will require having new septic lines put in.  This property doesn’t have the facility to connect an RV to the Sewer.  But now, with the yard dug-up, there will be opportunity to install RV connections to the new septic system for a couple of RVs. 

Also electric has to be run for the new Septic System pump.  Hmmm…  Les and our good friend Perry are looking into running the needed electric for the new Septic and, since they are having to do that, it is a great time to also look at providing enough power and receptacles to properly plug in a couple of RVs.  This could look like a BIG problem, but…..God is working it together for the good of us because we love HIM and are the called according to HIS purposes. 

Our prayer is that all of this will fall together in the next few weeks.  Please, please, please join us in prayer about this—lots of money ($5,000+)and lots of pieces that have to fall together.

In the meantime – the vision continues.  You know sometimes when you are in the middle of the forest, you can’t see the trees.  Actually, the Lord has been ministering to me the following: don’t miss the people looking for the crowd.  I have tried to pass that off to several ministers and pastors, but…..I guess it isn’t for them.  They usually look at me with a blank stare (like – so???).  So, I think I need to apply it to our ministry.   God is having us minister a lot to individuals and not to the crowds.  If you check out Jesus’ ministry, most of the time he invested himself in individuals.  (He also did a few “crowd” services too.) 

We spend time with people.  The most amazing thing about His Resting Place is that when we have guests they almost always comment on the peace that resides in the house.  His Resting Place is not big – it is 1100 square feet – but people who live in homes that are 3 times that size will bask in His presence here.  I would rather be in HIS presence in a stall than have all of the riches of the world but not HIS presence.

Right now – we desire to see the vision come to pass, and it is!  However it is not by the crowds, but person by person. 

Thank you for being a part of this new adventure.  

In His Love!!!     

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